DERNORD Rotatory Spray Ball Clamp Type CIP Tank Cleaning Ball 360° Spray Pattern, Stainless Steel

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  • Connection: 1.5" Tri Clamp (50.5mm clamp OD)
  •                     2" Tri Clamp (64mm clamp OD)
  • Ball Diameter: 53mm/ 76mm
  • Working Pressure: 1-2 bar
  • Cleaning Radius:0.5-1.5M
  • Fluxation: 12m³/h   /  38m³/h

About Spray Ball

DERNORD sanitary rotary spray balls are typically used in food and beverage industry to simplify the interior cleaning of tanks and piping. A fermentation or brite tank can be showered with high-velocity water and/or chemicals on the interior, causing a sheeting action down the vessel walls removing residues and sanitizing the tank. They are designed with a cleaning solution lubrication device , and nozzle is constructed of stainless steel with bearings to eliminate rust.


Widely used in field of food-processing,beverage,beer,pharmaceutical industries.Tank washing, industry cleaning, tube cleaning, pipe/duct work cleaning, chemical processing tanks.

360 ° spray

Rotating Spray Ball provides better spray impact than stationary nozzles due to rotating flat sprays. 360 ° spray coverage without dead angle.

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