Sanitary Check Valve | One Way Flow | Viton Gasket 1.5" 2" Tri Clamp Style


  • Tube OD: 1.5 Inch, Ferrule Size: 50.5MM, Fits 1.5 Inch Tri-clamp
  • Tube OD: 2 Inch, Ferrule Size: 64MM, Fits 2 Inch Tri-clamp
  • Material: SAE 304 Stainless Steel,Max Temperature:130°C,Max Pressure: 10 Bar (145 PSI)
  • Adjustable pressure via spring replacement (1 spring included)- Quickly comes apart for easy cleaning
  • This one-way check valve allows flow in only one direction. When flow stops the valve automatically closes to stop materials from back-flowing
  • The pressure required to open the valve and be adjust by swapping out the inner spring (only one spring included) or rotating the spring plate

1.5inch and 2 inch Sanitary Check Valve:Sanitary check valve , also known as “non-return valve”,is designed for use in process piping installations to prevent reverse flow. Dernord sanitary check valve series is a spring check valve with different connection ends. 100 Percent tested / 100 percent inspected. 100 Percent pressure hydraulic tested for reliability. Wetted surfaces polished to 3-A standards. Actuation available: double-acting, air-to-spring, electric.

DERNORD sanitary check valve is a type of valve which open or close the valve rely on the medium flow itself. A check valve opens when the pressure below the valve plug exceeds the pressure above the valve plug and the spring force. The valve closes when pressure equalization has been achieved. The main function of the check valve is to prevent the fluid flowing back keeping the flow always in one direction. It is well applied to stainless steel pipe systems for food beverage, dairy, brewing, pharmaceuatical, bio-pharmaceuatical and chemical industries.also an ideal solution along any Tri Clamp fitted system to mitigate backflow

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