1.5 inch Tri Clamp Heating Element | FoldBack Electric Immersion Water Heater | 120V 1.5KW 1.65KW

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Features :

  • PACK WITH - 1.5 tri-clamp heating element, stainless steel Cap and PG21 cable gland protector
  • MATERIAL - Stainless steel 304 heater and cap for long lifespan and rust free, food level
  • LOW WATT DENSITY - The fold back shape maximize heated working surface in limited tube length and space
  • With GROUND - The heater was upgraded with earth screw for more safety.
  • APPLICATION - Home water heater part replacement, homebrewing,boil kettle and distilling boilers etc


Water Heater with Ground

This is the type push on connector that will be use to attach your wire to the ground tap.The component is folded back to minimize length and maximize heated surface.The stainless steel electric heating tube have a good heat resistance performance, no corrosion , long life ,thermal conductivity and insulation.


PG21 cable gland protector

Make the line normally, keep the cable sealed, and ensure the insulation level at the cable joint for safe and reliable operation.


Matters Need to Attention

1. The components should be stored outside of the dry. If the insulation resistance drops below 1 megohm due to long-term placement, it can be dried in an oven at about 200 °C for several hours (or the component is low pressure for several hours), ie, the insulation resistance can be restored.

2. There is carbon deposit on the surface of the pipe, it must be used after being removed to avoid reducing the efficiency and even burning the components.

3. When melting solid oil such as asphalt and paraffin, the voltage should be reduced, and then increased to the rated voltage after melting. To prevent power concentration and reduce component life


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