1.5" Tri Clamp Bulkhead Compression Fitting 304 Stainless Steel Weldless Homebrew Kettle Bulkhead

  • Connection Size: Fits 1.5"TC(50.5mm Ferrule OD)
  • Material: 304 stainless construction and high heat compatible silicone gaskets
  • Easy to Install: Tri Clamp weldless bulkhead flange allows you to add a TC port to any tank or kettle without welding
  • Tight Seal: Drill a hole on any vessel and tighen the locknut with 2pcs food grade gaskets
  • Application: Suitable for kettles, beer kegs, cola kegs, soda buckets

Product Features

DERNORD 1.5” TC Bulkhead Compression Fittings are made of high quality SS304 and they are polished to perfection. Tri Clamp bulkhead allows you to add TC ports to any containers without welding, just drill a hole, and tighten the locknut with 2 high heat compatible silicone gaskets. The front of the flange does not have flats for a wrench. The easiest way to hold the flange for tightening is to clamp any other TC parts on with the gasket and clamp. Once tight, you can insert a long rod or screw driver into the hole of the wingnut. DERNORD tri clamp bulkhead compression fittings are suitable for kettles, beer kegs, cola kegs, soda buckets

     Thread OD 32mm, ID 27mm

     Thread OD 41mm, ID 34.8mm

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