12V 150W Immersion Heater | Submersible Water Heater Element | 1 Inch NPSM Flange

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  • 12v heater connects with batteries, solar panels, hydroelectric generators and wind turbine dump
  • 1" NPSM flange fits USA standard water tank or your own custom heater tank
  • UL and CUL listed to the safety standards
  • Stainless steel surface has electropolish
  • Supplied with silicon sealing washer which is flexible and waterproof

Product Features

12V 150W Element : These elements are made from stainless steel to prevent any corrosion so are suitable for use in virtually all types of water tank 

Product Application

→ Great for use heating water in domestic hot water cylinders or water tanks in caravans,boats,workshops etc. Can also be used with waste vegetable oil in the the manufacture of biodiesel, and for home brewing etc 

→ Can also be used with waste vegetable oil in the the manufacture of biodiesel, and for home brewing etc 

→ These can also be used to prevent water freezing during winter months in livestock drinkers or raised ponds by connecting one to a large 12v battery recharged by a large solar panel or wind turbine, just use a basic 5 degrees c normally open thermostat and when the water temperature gets near five degrees the heater will automatically come on and warm the water by a few degrees before switching off again, one could also be used in the water storage tank in your loft if its prone to freezing in the winter months


If you have a gas hot water heater you may wish to put an electric unit ahead of it. This way the gas heater is always being fed hot water so it does not turn on as often and for shorter periods of time when it does. 

If used as a diversion (dump) load, such an element is connected to the batteries via a charge regulator. When the regulator detects that the batteries are fully charged, it diverts the generated electricity to the element which heats water. 

Technical Details

Voltage:12 volts

Wattage:150 watts

Item Weight:7.7 ounces

Product Diameter: 8mm

Tube length: 7.5 Inch 

Screw Type:1”NPSM

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