2 Inch (OD64) Tri-clamp | Foldback Heating Element | Electric Water Heater

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Product description

  • SUS304 Tri-clamp Foldback heating element provides 2.5KW;3.5KW;4.5KW;5.5Kw 240v of power
  • Tri-clamp connection: 2" Tri Clamp; Ferrule Size: 64mm Pipe OD
  • Nylon Cable Gland Joint Adjustable Locknut for PG21 Wire OD 12.5mm to 18mm
  • With SUS304 Materials Cap,easy to Install and fits Standard 2" tri-clover coupler of American
  • Prevent dry firing, lime deposits, and sand that would burn out ordinary elements

Product Features

2 Inch (OD64) Tri-clamp 2400V 5500W Foldback Heating Element : Replacement American standard water heater parts

From the Manufacturer

The Dernord ultra low watt density Screw in Foldback Water Heater Element has a compact, energy efficient design that is well suited for many applications. The element is folded back to minimize length and maximize the heated surface.It provides uniform heat distribution and offered long performance life, and fits more models of American,for Bradford White, Craftmaster, General Electric and Whirlpool heaters.

Technical Details

Voltage: 240V
Wattage: 2500KW/3500KW/4500KW/5500W  FOR CHOOSE.

Cap install type: Threaded

Connection type: Tri-clamp Type

Tri-clamp Size: 2 Inch

Ferrule Size: 64mm Pipe OD

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