3 Piece Full Port Ball Valve | Stainless Steel 304 Female

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  • Serviceable Valve - Can be taken apart via threads, 3/8/;1/2;3/4;1;1.25;1.5;2INCH Female NPT Ports
  • Three-piece full port ball valve handle:Heavy duty handle with blue vinly insulation
  • Body & Ball Type:304 Stainless Steel.Temp Range:-60 F to 450 F
  • Nominal Working Pressure:1000 WOG:Max 1000 psi for Water, Oil, Gas.
  • Fluid temp range: -20°f to 410°f

From the Manufacturer

Three-piece full port ball valve is made of stainless steel 304 and has a lever handle and female National Pipe Taper (NPT) threaded connections on both ends. 3-Piece Stainless steel ball valves with PTFE seals & seats by DERNORD Stainless steel ball valves with PTFE (Teflon) seats & seals offer excellent corrosion resistance for most applications. Stainless steel & PTFE work well in applications including but not limited to water, oil, gas/air, light alkali's and acids, biodiesel, fuels and alcohols. These ball valves are fitted with tight seals to ensure no leakage and a long lasting seal after many years of frequent usage. All metal pieces of our valves are 304 Stainless steel, including the nuts and other exterior metals. Other manufacturers cut costs by using 201 Stainless steel on these parts which results in a rusty looking Valve over time. DERNORD manufacturers its 3-piece ball valves with all 304 Stainless steel parts so you can be sure there won't be any rust formation from external air or water exposure over time. Available in both Wog200 and Wog1000. Wog200 are considered ideal for most general applications. Wog1000 are for high pressure and industrial applications where of the Valve are preferred.

Fluid temp range: -20°f to 410°f 

Body & Ball Type:304 Stainless Steel 

NPT size: 3/8 INCH;1/2 INCH; 3/4 INCH; 1 INCH; 1 1/4 INCH; 1/1/2 INCH;2 INCH

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