DERNORD 1.5''Tri-Clamp& 2''Tri-Clamp Ball Valve 2PC Stainless Steel 304,PTFE Lined

  • Connection Type:1.5 inch Tri Clamp Tube OD:1 inch
  •                             1.5 inch Tri Clamp Tube OD:1.5 inch
  •                             2 inch Tri Clamp Tube OD:2 inch
  • Maximum Temperature:300 degree Fahrenheit
  • Working Pressure:1.6Mpa
  • Material:Stainless Steel 304
  • DERNORD carries an extensive supply of commercial brewery,winery and food processing equipment.From basic supplies like fittings and valves,hose and food-grade washdown equipment,to bottling and packaging equipment for commercial use.

    DERNORD designs various kinds of ball valves for one-piece, two-piece, three-piece, thread end, flange type, full port. Mini ball valve is also available. The selection of ball valve material includes stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316 and brass. Chose the suitable ball valve to use in piping system.
  • Description
  • Material: SS304

    The DERNORD Tri Clamp Ball Valves stainless steel 304 is made of stainless steel 304 for higher strength and greater corrosion resistance than stainless steel 302.

  • Connection Type

    This DERNORD tri clamp ball valve tri clamp type. 1.5 inch tri clamp & 2 inch tri clamp are available in DERNORD.

  • Manual Control Handle

    This valve has a lockable lever handle for manual 1/4 on/off control, it is easy to operate and clean.

  • Specification

    Seats & Seals

    The seat of this DERNORD stainless steel ball valve is 2-pieces, and the seal is made of PTFE. It offers unobstructed and maximum flow.

    Available Size
    • Connection Type:1.5 inch Tri Clamp Tube OD:1 inch
    • Connection Type:1.5 inch Tri Clamp Tube OD:1.5 inch
    • Connection Type:2 inch Tri Clamp Tube OD:2 inch



    Chemical, Hydraulic, Dry/Liquid Chlorine, Food Processing, Oxygen, Steam, Thermal Fluids, Vacuum, Water/Oil/Gas.

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