Sanitary Spool Tube | Stainless Steel 304 Seamless Round Tubing with Clamp Ends, 1.5 inch Tri Clamp



  • Sanitary Spool Tube fits Tri-clamp: 1.5", Ferrule OD: 50.5MM
  • Sanitary Spool Tube Length: 2 Inch;4 Inch;6 Inch;8 Inch;12 Inch;18 Inch; 24 Inch,36inch Sanitary Spool Tube OD: 1.5 Inch
  • Round metal tubing for transport of fluids and gases in chloride environments
  • Made of Stainless Steel 304 material, Internal and External Polished, 100% suitable for sanitary purpose, seamless construction for smoother interior flow and greater burst strength than welded tubing,Annealed to restore formability for bending or flaring tubing
  • Metal tubing is used in HVAC and plumbing systems and for applications in the aerospace, automotive, chemical processing, food and beverage, manufacturing, and medical industries

From the Manufacturer

This Dernord Sanitary spools which are made of stainless steel 304 are prefabricated lengths of tubing with Tri Clamp fitting ends added for convenience. When combined with other Tri Clamp fittings, clamps, and gaskets, sanitary spools can build a process line without the need for on-site welding and fabrication, and at a considerable time savings. Tri Clamp spools also have the added benefit of being less permanent than welded tubing, and can be easily disassembled, moved, or reassembled in a different configuration. The versatility and cost savings of prefabricated spool pipe make them a popular solution for piping needs. 

Dernord Sanitary spools Features

Tube OD: 1.5 Inch 

Tri-clamp size: 1.5 Inch 

Ferrule OD: 50.5MM 

Body material: Stainless Steel 304 

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