Swing Check Valve Stainless Steel | Female WOG 200 PSI SS304 CF8M Rust Free

$15.99 $13.99
  • Swing check valve size: 1/2、3/4 inch NPT female x female threaded.
  • Swing check valve material: stainless steel 304.
  • Check valve working temperature: -60℉ to 450℉(-51℃ to 232℃); max pressure:200 Psi.
  • Wide application: Applicable for water, steam, oils, nitric acid, urea and more. Mainly used in the pipelines of petroleum, chemical, pharmacy, fertilizer, electricity.
  • Good sealing: The lifting and closing parts are opened or closed by the medium flow and the force, and the sealing property is good to prevent liquid leakage. This type of valve should be installed horizontally during installation, allowing only the medium to flow in one direction to prevent accidents.
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