Vertical Check Valve Spring Loaded | in-line Low Cracking Pressure CF8M WOG 1000

  • Spring check valve size: 3/4" 、1/2 female to female NPT connections
  • Check valve body material:Stainless steel 304, cracking pressure: 4.5 psi
  • Check valve working temperature: -60℉ to 450℉(-51℃ to 232℃); seals:NBR; max pressure:1000 Psi for water, oil, gas (WOG1000)
  • H12W check valve has high precision, beautiful appearance, small shape, spring device, vertical and horizontal installation, etc. It mainly adapts to prevent back flowof the medium in the pipeline system.
  • Vertical check valve is used to help direct flow in one direction; the stainless steel bodies and PTFE seals are highly corrosion resistant allowing these check valves to be used with a wide variety of fluids including, but not limited to water, oil, gas, air, light alkali's, acids, bio-diesel, fuels and alcohols.
H12W vertical check valve features
    • It has short structure, small volume and light weight.
    • The valve flap is closed quickly and the water hammer pressure is small.
    • The flow path is smooth, the fluid resistance is small; the action is sensitive, and the sealing performance is good.
    • Easy to install, can be installed in the horizontal and vertical lines of the pipeline.
    • The valve plate adopts the design of adding two torsion springs on the dual plate to make the valve plate self-closing.
    • Due to the fast closing action, it can prevent the medium from flowing backward and eliminate the strong water hammer.
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